Episode 76

• Uploaded 12/05/22 – Listen here;


  1. Lee Scott, Milkavelli, Sniff, Sumgii – SUPERGANG – ZAP
  2. Junior Disprol – Def Valley – It’s Awwwn
  3. Dead Ott – Calm Before The Storm
  4. Downside Bazaar – Pushing Tin
  5. Hek Teafy Feat. CAP – SCUM CITY
  6. Juga-Naut – Situationist- Stolen Art PT.III – Double Sixteen
  7. Mike Titan X Zcience Division X A7MC X J. Vengeance X OutcastGawd Lord El – The Combination – The Combination
  9. Prefects x Rogue Beats – Walking in the Rain EP – Walking in the Rain
  10. scatterbrane – Cooking the Books
  12. Skuff – Level LP – Different Schools
  13. Wais P & Pete Twist ft. Eto – Coup D’etat
  14. The Cromagnonband –  GREEN SMOKE 

Beats;The beats on today’s show were produced by Mighty Mindless Cartoons and Covert Pawns

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