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Monday – A Drive Called Quest with DJ Rob Del Terror from 8am until 9am playing a live mix of Hip Hop, grime and trap blends from across the UK
Wednesday – Tune in to the BILLSHAKESGUARDSMYTAPES show every Wednesday at 8pm with Kelvin Staples playing mainly UK Hip Hop
Thursday – Tune in to the OG Killa Tapes Hip Hop show with GrimeeQuick playing a heavy mix of UK, US and Ozzy Hip Hop

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  • AUSSIE MOON SLY FUNK: Sly Moon’s Aussie Mad One
    Sydney, you better brace your Aussie ears for some SlyMoonAussieFunk with the casino killer himself, the No Gamble, No Future rapper, and COTD original, Sly …
  • Juga-Naut Released Another Self-Produced Banger, with Bem II – Out Now!
    Nottingham based Hip Hop maestro, Juga-Naut, is back again with his latest release, “Bem II.” Juga-Naut is one of the most soulful artists hailing from …
  • New Black Josh BlahStylin Video Out Now
    Black Josh, the Blah Records veteran from Manchester, just dropped a ‘BlahStylin’ video, featuring a sick rap free verse over a beat produced by Lee …
  • Who the fkcu is Bro Shinto?
    The artist formally known as Formal Brown has gone all ‘Prince’ on us with a dope new name change; the Welsh rapper and Bard Picasso …
  • Def Cult LP: Pre-order date
    UK Hip Hop artist Junior Disprol’s ‘Def Cult,’ the third in the Def series, opens up for pre-orders on March 15th, 2024, via Plague Records. …
  • Kemetstry Double Vinyl Re-Release
    Guess who’s back with a brand new bag? Well, actually it’s an old bag, you might say. Kemetstry, aka the OG Spida Lee, is bringing …
  • Ill Sykes: Killa Bars Competition Winner 2023
    As Ill Sykes continues to orate an arid depiction of a vividly dystopian and all too hopeless backdrop he finds himself surrounded by, the London …
  • F££k Spotify
    Killa Tapes, the online hip hop radio station and podcast, is no longer publishing shows across digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple podcasts. Instead, …
    RELEASED BY PLAGUE Uber Magnetic is more than impressionist prog rap sloganeering or dense reference heavy intellectual wild style with a strong conceptual lean, it’s a lifestyle …
  • DSOTM: ‘They’re all dead’ – Single Release
    DSOTM, an almost superhero like UK Hip Hop group, comprised of some of the illest emcees in the UK, are set to rattle a few …
  • Kelvin BSGMT Review: Lunar C at ClubXS – Larynx Entertainment 
    Words by Kelvin BSGMT So, last Saturday night (03.06.23) I had the pleasure of going to Club XS in Wrexham for a Larynx entertainment event. …
  • Look back in anger (at 90s Music)
    The 1990s was an awesome time for music. A decade in contemporary sound that is now regarded as somewhat of a synecdoche for good music. But that was thirty years ago. Let’s get over it.