DSOTM: ‘They’re all dead’ – Single Release

DSOTM, an almost superhero like UK Hip Hop group, comprised of some of the illest emcees in the UK, are set to rattle a few cages in the underground scene on 7th July, with their latest single release, “They’re All Dead.”

Produced by Relense, and featuring a verse from Curt Cataract, this relentless and absolutely banging boom bap track, ‘They’re all dead’, is bound to have listeners hitting the repeat button on Spotify, what with the track’s raw energy, big production, especially in the drum section, and a rugged style of rap delivery from each and every rapper featured on the song. Without dissecting and spoiling the track too much, it really is a banger.

DSOTM, which stands for Dark Side of The Moon, is an essential UK Hip Hop collective, who bring together the lyrical abilities of emcees such as Menace Mendoza, King Kakarot, Flowtecs, The Bearserker, Nomad, Jonny data, and one of the the newest additions to the crew, C.O.N.-Vers.

With a shared passion for real and authentic hip hop, and a reputation for delivering really hard-hitting verses, DSOTM are set to maintain their extensive track record (a great pun, very much intended) with this latest track; ‘They’re all dead’, which, it’s safe to say, is probably a direct message to any would-be contemporaries or competitors in the UK rap community. Apparently, you’re all dead. 

“They’re All Dead” will be available for streaming on all major digital platforms from July 7th, 2023. Be sure to give the tune a spin on your chosen DSP, and add the track to your playlists. 

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