Uber Magnetic is more than impressionist prog rap sloganeering or dense reference heavy intellectual wild style with a strong conceptual lean, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Certified Santa Clara indie Hip-Hop legend Roughneck Jihad and South Wales Jurassic Coast MC Junior Disprol first put it down with the boffins choice, Tefal Head in 2007. Further collaboration highlighted their complimentary styles and a healthy appetite to fuck shit up back to back on the mic. Uber Magnetic was inevitable.

The pair trade similarities experienced and differences encountered while continents apart. Outsider weirdos, quality substances, unifying theories, wrong neighborhoods, philosophical exchange, love and hate and everything in between. The listener is guaranteed the razor wit and vigorous delivery expected from these consummate barsmen.

Cool Edit Chud’s production was the natural starting point; both a catalyst to set it off and the special ingredient to bring it all together. Joined by the turntablist triumvirate of DJ Jaffa, Krash Slaughta and Sir Beans O.B.E and released on the Plague label, mastered by the Irn Mnky, Uber Magnetic swiftly crafted a transatlantic Hip-Hop masterpiece.


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