Def Cult LP: Pre-order date

UK Hip Hop artist Junior Disprol’s ‘Def Cult,’ the third in the Def series, opens up for pre-orders on March 15th, 2024, via Plague Records.

Get ready for some more raw, unapologetic hardcore funk from the Welsh emcee and Hip Hop head as the Def Cult LP is set to be an absolute banger, if the previous two LP’s are anything to go by.

Known for his distinctive vocal style and lyrical intricacy, Junior Disprol’s Def Valley LP, the first Def album, was one of the dopest shits ever produced in UKHH history. Hands down. But Def II, it could be argued, was even better. Of course, it’s not a valid comparison to make because music is purely subjective, and so it’s not really fair to state that one album is better than the other (although Def II was somehow even better). So what in the Welsh vallies is in stall for us with Def III? Apparently, as our polls and all of the bean counters in the office here indicate, this album is said to be so dope that any would-be listeners will instantly feel a deep desire to leave their families, jobs and any of their responsibilities to join Junior’s Def Cult.

So, get ready to shave your heads, empty your bank accounts and tirelessly hail the leader of your new lives in the Def Valley, but be sure to secure a copy of the Def Cult LP by jumping on the pre-order bandwagon starting March 15th, and stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming release of the album by following Plague Records on Facebook and Instagram.

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