Who the fkcu is Bro Shinto?

The artist formally known as Formal Brown has gone all ‘Prince’ on us with a dope new name change; the Welsh rapper and Bard Picasso co-founder is now referred to as Bro Shinto.

The name change isn’t just a David Bowie styled Aladin Sane move, it reflects a deeper connection, and some family heritage with Japanese culture, as “Shinto” holds cultural and spiritual significance in Japan.

In Japanese, “Shinto” refers to the indigenous traditional spirituality of the country, emphasising a profound reverence for ‘Kami, or divine entities, and an appreciation for the sacredness of nature. The adoption of this name by Bro Shinto hopefully marks the start of an intriguing infusion of his Boom Bap brand of music, with the art and culture of Japan, a country regarded by artists of any ilk from across the world as one of the most artistically rich cultures ever. Aside from that, Japanese Hip Hop is strong, there’s a deep and vibrant community over there, if social media these days is anything to go by.

The changes don’t stop there, mind. Bro Shinto’s musical journey extends to his crew, formerly known as Blue City CDF. The group has rebranded itself as Plato’s Maker, a name given to mean that they are the masters of philosophy and knowledge.

Plato’s Maker, consisting of Bro Shinto and rapper Jay Rede, are switching things up and keeping things fresh and exciting for UK Hip Hop enthusiasts, as well as the team at Killa Tapes, who are all eagerly awaiting the release of some new bangers from Bro Shinto and Plato’s Maker.

Instagram: @broshinto

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