AUSSIE MOON SLY FUNK: Sly Moon’s Aussie Mad One

Sydney, you better brace your Aussie ears for some SlyMoonAussieFunk with the casino killer himself, the No Gamble, No Future rapper, and COTD original, Sly Moon, who will be trekking to Sydney on a mad one to The Soda Factory, March 23rd.

Leaving the green isles of England with little other than his smooth flow, ridiculous amounts of style, and a few dollars in his sky-rocket, Sly embarks on a mission across the continents, fuelled, most likely, by a taste for Australian Casinos, untouched by the hands of the Slyest of card players, thankfully he’s also quite willing to knock out some OG Sly Moon Funk while he’s there, doling out his inimitable swag unto the unsuspecting masses of Austraila, for an unprecedented event that real Aussie UKHH fans will not want to miss out on.

Pre-sale tickets are only $30 for the event at The Soda Factory, 16 Wentworth Ave, Surrey Hills, but the door will cost $40, so get the tickets in early and spend the other tenner on… Joining Sly Moon on his odyssey into the unknown depths of Oz are Wiseguy, Kontext, Kegels, and a whole local crew of rapscallions, each bringing their own dope brand of Hip Hop to this cracker of a do!

>>>>> Tickets are here. <<<<<

…and here’s the latest Sly Moon, Blah Stylin video to wet your whistles.

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