Juga-Naut Released Another Self-Produced Banger, with Bem II – Out Now!

Nottingham based Hip Hop maestro, Juga-Naut, is back again with his latest release, “Bem II.” Juga-Naut is one of the most soulful artists hailing from the heart of the underground UKHH scene, and he really does show us his levels of creativity, not only as an exceptional lyricist, but also as a sick producer, crafting both the album and its abstract, collage cover art.

“Bem II” is the second instalment in what could be dubbed the Bem series, and it’s simply more of the usual secret sauce he some how cooks up, equally, if not even more potent and tasty than the first Bem project.

This second album, released on Juga-Naut’s birthday, following suit from its predecessor, the original Bem project, is a real testament to Juga-Naut’s commitment to self-expression and strict creative autonomy. With such meticulous attention to detail, he not only pens intricate yet soulful and funky verses, often in a commentary, or narrative based tone, Jugz also crafts the beats and boom bap backdrops that always seem to effortlessly accompany them. The cover art, a great piece of abstract art in of itself, mirrors this mad level of creativity, it all spells out a lifestyle, a way of being that Juga-Naut is simply doing, being and living every single day. Even on birthdays.

For you real Hip Hop heads out there, the straight up connoisseurs of authentic Hip Hop, “Bem II” is a must-have addition to your collection. Head over to Bandcamp, search Juga-Naut, or Bem II, and get yourself a copy of this soulful banger.

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