Killa Tapes, the online hip hop radio station and podcast, is no longer publishing shows across digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Instead, the episodes are moving to a new section of the Killa Tapes website that listeners can find in the menu called, ‘Podcasts’, which can also be found on the Killa Tapes app.

In an ever-evolving world of digital streaming, giants like Spotify are not only continuously laying down new rules, policies and plans to pinch pennies out of musician’s pockets, they are also making it increasingly harder for us to keep up with the consistency of our weekly shows. It’s like they’ve got a bouncer at the door of every episode we try to upload, scrutinising every single sample in the songs we drop. But never fear, Killa Tapes is here and we’re about that real hip hop, we’ll just flip it and make something dope out of it.

Why the flip to hosting shows on the website?

It’s not you; it’s them. Platforms like Spotify are tightening their policies, and it seems our love for sampled hip hop doesn’t quite sync with their rules, or something like that, either way, we’re done trying to figure it out. YouTube was our first podcast hosting website and they also bent over for the big labels and music corporations like Warner and Universal. But yo, we won’t let that stop the show. Killa Tapes is pulling out of the DSP game and so we’ve crafted a new space just for you – our dedicated killatapians. Head over to the Killa Tapes website or app, where you’ll find the podcast section; a weird little purple and green corner of the internet for all you real UK hip hop enthusiasts. Stream, download, and tune into Killa Tapes shows to your heart’s content.

Download the Killa Tapes App on Google Play Store

For an uninterrupted dose of Killa Tapes, grab the Killa Tapes app from the Google Play Store – it’s FREE, it has the latest episodes, and will include new exclusive interviews, a new podcast series to be announced and you can download every show from any kind of device.

So fuck Spotify!

What is Killa Tapes?

Killa Tapes is the dopest hip hop show in the UK bringing you the freshest tracks and the latest in hip hop music and culture from across the world. Whether it’s unheard hard hitters or them underground classic gems, we’re here to keep your soundtrack on point. Killa Tapes, 24/7 non stop hip hop radio, podcast and magazine.

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