Bill Shakes: Hip Hop 50th (Bootleg Social 11-08-23)

Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop

Killa Tapes, in association with Audio Factory and Bootleg Social present Hip Hop’s 50th birthday. A night of live hip hop, featuring the Northwest’s best, Blackburn’s top boy, Bill Shakes, of Blah Records fame, supported by Blackpool’s Amos, alongside Dj Pro P & Jaroo, all backed up with DJ sets from Scott Rogan and Rob del Terror & more. 

Join us, on the day officially recognised as Hip Hop’s birthday, when Dj Kool Herc began spinning beats at a party in the Bronx back in 1973, a movement was born, infusing all the 5 elements that we know and love today, djing, breakdancing, MCing, graffiti and knowledge.

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