MUZ – The DEAD Wait

Words by One9ate7

MUZ ( aka Mury P/Mury Poppinz) has spent over 25 years honing his skills, perfecting his craft and evolving his sound.
A former WY & DTTS member and one half of No Pretense –
he’s worked alongside heavy weights such as Prince PoCageJunior DisprolBrutal ArtistryChief WigzKemetstry plus many more…

‘The DEAD Wait’ – A narrative of personal truths, unmasked, unashamed and unsettling  – spat out over a haunting post-apocalyptic soundscape – This fully self-produced, debut album is a foreboding and intoxicating journey touching on subject matter rarely tackled from artists within the Hip Hop community seeing MUZ unmask and bear all….

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