Mick Swagger, Bucks, Cosm & Micall Parknsun are The Ant Hill Mobb…


Mick Swagger, Bucks, Cosm & Micall Parknsun are The Ant Hill Mobb…

Legend has it that this lot met at a gig in Bristol in late 2019 and after almost 18 months tinkering in the lab they’ve pieced together a project that will embed itself into your skull with sickening force like a overhand smash from Mjölnir.

Recommended Tracks:Slow it Down, Minerals, Glasgow Kiss.

 Right off the bat you’re treated to some proper heavy Boom Bap courtesy of the legend that is Micall Parknsun, I’ve spoke before about how Parky is one of a very small number of established artists out there who’s willing to pass the baton to the younger guys and let them run with it and this EP is another perfect example of his unselfishness when it comes to supporting the younger talent. The production here is brimming with that authentic, homegrown style, almost vintage UKHH if you will and it’s just so perfectly suited for “The Mobb” to do some real damage on.

I truly love the natural chemistry between Mick, Bucks Cosm – They compliment and elevate each other so effortlessly and the combined chemistry over the superb choice of production is top-notch. One of the first things you notice about the EP is that all 3 actually ride the beat properly, tailoring their flow and schemes to the beat as opposed to just scattering a few bars on a beat (Emcee’s take notice). There’s so many quotables and clever plays on words, it will take you a good few listens to catch and decode them all but my god, it’s worth it.
 The EP also has a couple of hilarious skits woven into the tracks courtesy of the Shotgun the Aux team – Instead of being filler, these actually make the album more enjoyable and slot in brilliantly.
 You would be an absolute fuckin’ idiot not to support this one….One of, if not the best EP released so far this year…

Uncle Mick on Vocals & Co-ProductionBucks on VocalsCosm on Vocals & ArtworkMicall Parknsun on ProductionJazz T with the Mixing & MasteringShotgun the Aux on National Minimum Wage level of Customer Service.
Peep the visuals for ‘Minerals’ HERE Go cop the EP HERE

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