Review; Daniel Son – Black Russian

Words by @pacmanscoop85 (Barry Evans)

Album Overview!! Daniel Son – Black Russian

‘Don’t go to another monastery with your own rules’
(В чужой монастырь со своим уставом не ходят) – Old Russian Proverb

Its fair to say Daniel Son tore up the rule book with his latest offering Black Russian! This nine track art piece of anti-establishment is impressive from start to finish.

His analysis of conventional, political, and economic principles make him stand out from the rest, he has a critical thinking, quick witted way of writing that translates well to life outside of society while also in the habit of being very critical of all sorts of ideas presented by mainstream media.

Besides the serious themes and concepts of the album the rapper does display a sense of humour, constantly throwing out amusing metaphors and similes.

Daniel Son draws from his own personal observations giving an sincere reflection of current affairs and past experiences resulting in a authenticity to his raps.

Black russian is a project that demands attention I would describe it and organized anarchy, with a rebellious yet precise approach to topics that Daniel Son is very passionate about, he has always been very vocal about BLM and cultural injustice. He goes in all guns blazing from start to finish expressing razor sharp lyrics that are punchline heavy over gritty production thats sounds both cutting edge and reminiscent of 90s hardcore boom bap at the same time.

Whilst this album is a stark contrast in tone to his debut we still get his trademark references from Greggs to Coronation Street sprinkled here and there as well as his signature style which is unmistakably Daniel Son and I feel he has raised the bar again for this explosive project.

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