SINGLE: All Erin Does – Shame ft Cracker Jon


A sick new single from singer, songwriter; All Erin Does featuring UK Hip Hop rapper Cracker Jon!


All Erin Does and Cracker Jon bring you ‘Shame’, the brand new single available only on Killa Tapes Music. Produced by Mighty Mindless Cartoons and Nick Moorbath.

This dope new Hip Hop song from the UK based singer and producer, All Erin Does, is actually the last of its kind – a rare and soon to be unheard of event in the UK underground Hip Hop community.  Erin is moving on to genres new and by all accounts, she’s never looking back at Hip Hop again.  Or at least for quite a while.  Alas, fear not, Erin is currently concocting a collection of songs for an LP or EP release with a new style and sound all together, making this exclusive to Killa Tapes Music single release a one of a kind.  For real.

Graced with the gritty and often candid bars of the rap force that is Cracker Jon, this lyric heavy, hard hitter is one for any real Hip Hop aficionados out there.

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