Welcome to Killa Tapes, the UK Hip Hop radio station, app, website and quarterly printed magazine. Download the app by clicking the Google Play Store link below or scanning the QR code. On there you will be able to stream Killa Tapes radio 24/7 and listen to the weekly scheduled shows.

Killa Tapes is an independent, grassroots based community platform for real underground music, such as Hip Hop, Break Beat and other experimental and alternative genres. Now, and with a big old bunch of people involved, from DJ’s and radio show hosts to content creators and online contributors, magazine writers and clothing designers, through to artists, authors and events organisers, Killa Tapes has evolved into a whole movement. A movement which started in 2019 from nothing more than an hour long podcast show, airing once a week, playing UK, US and Australian Hip Hop. Since then, Killa Tapes has developed into an online radio station, a quarterly printed magazine and much more, with the focus of the whole shebang remaining on showcasing and promoting real and authentic music.

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Don’t have an android to download the Killa Tapes app? It’s cool, we got you. Catch all the previous episodes on repeat, all of our scheduled weekly hip hop shows, a regular beat cypher session and much more (to be announced) by clicking the Killa Tapes Radio player above. If you use an iPhone then you can just close Safari and the weekly scheduled shows will play in the background.


Visit our YouTube channel to get all the previous podcast episodes starting from episode 1 in 2020. Be sure to like and comment on any of the episodes you are feeling and subscribe to the channel.


Tune in to our Spotify video channel every Thursday at 7pm for another installment of the Killa Tapes Podcast, The Very Good Show and other Killa Tapes shows.